October 27, 2015

Cary NC Lawn Care Services

Cary NC Lawn Care Services

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  • How does pricing work? 
    • We charge per .25 acre starting at $50 for 0-.25 acres.
      • 0-.25 acres = $50
      • .26 – .50 acres =$55
      • .51 – .75 acres = $65
      • .76- 1.00 acres = $75
      • etc…
  • When can you start?
    • Right away! We have several crews running at all times and can usually get you on the schedule within a day or two.
  • Do you offer other services? 
    • YES! Seeding, fertilizing, aerating, landscaping, leaf clean ups, property clean ups, poison ivy etc.. Just ask. If its outside, we’ll find a way.


Fun Facts about Cary North Carolina:

  1. Cary NC is a town and not a city.
  2. In 2013 the FBI rated Cary as the safest town in America.
  3. Cary has hosted or is scheduled to host 18 NCAA championships and 29 ACC championships.
  4. In the last five years alone Cary’s population has grown by 20,000!
  5. Cary has a staggering 70 miles of recreational amenities and 36 greenway trails open sunrise to sunset.
  6. All the city’s greenways are excellent for biking, but Cary residents are actually making it easier for bikers wide outside road lanes, striped bike lanes, official bicycle routes and even multi-use trails. Don’t let all that work go to waste.
  7. Cary’s gone above and beyond to create some gorgeous spots for people to enjoy the outdoors. There are 29 park areas, including the 310-acre Bond Park with a lake for boating. You’ll always find a space for everything from a summer picnic, quiet contemplation, a serene afternoon on the water, to even letting your best furry friend play off-leash.

Top 10 Things to do in Cary NC