October 28, 2015

Mechanicsville Va Lawn Care Services

Mechanicsville Va Lawn Care Services

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  • How does pricing work? 
    • We charge per .25 acre starting at $50 for 0-.25 acres.
      • 0-.25 acres = $50
      • .26 – .50 acres =$55
      • .51 – .75 acres = $65
      • .76- 1.00 acres = $75
      • etc…
  • When can you start?
    • Right away! We have several crews running at all times and can usually get you on the schedule within a day or two.
  • Do you offer other services? 
    • YES! Seeding, fertilizing, aerating, landscaping, leaf clean ups, property clean ups, poison ivy etc.. Just ask. If its outside, we’ll find a way.


Mechanicsville Va Fun Facts: 

  1. We couldn’t find much specific to Mechanicsville. However, you’re right next to Richmond Va so you should probably just head over there.
  2. Furthermore, I’m supposed to write a bunch of content regardingMechanicsville as to gain better Search Engine rankings but that will be difficult.
  3. So, first person that lives in Mechanicsville and sees this, we’ll cut your lawn for free. No, I’m not kidding. Email me: mike@dogwoodlawns.com to claim your prize.

List of Facts about Mechanicsville Va

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