October 27, 2015

Richmond Va Lawn Care Services

Richmond Va Lawn Care Services

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  • How does pricing work? 
    • We charge per .25 acre starting at $50 for 0-.25 acres.
      • 0-.25 acres = $50
      • .26 – .50 acres =$55
      • .51 – .75 acres = $65
      • .76- 1.00 acres = $75
      • etc…
  • When can you start?
    • Right away! We have several crews running at all times and can usually get you on the schedule within a day or two.
  • Do you offer other services? 
    • YES! Seeding, fertilizing, aerating, landscaping, leaf clean ups, property clean ups, poison ivy etc.. Just ask. If its outside, we’ll find a way.

Fun Facts about Richmond Va

  1. Capital of the Confederacy: While Abraham Lincoln guided the Union through the tumultuous Civil War from the White House in Washington, D.C., his southern counterpart, President Jefferson Davis did the same from Richmond.
  2. The State’s Third Capital City: English settlers named Jamestown their capital in 1607. They then moved it to Williamsburg in 1699 after a fire destroyed the Jamestown Statehouse. Finally in 1780, the capital was moved to Richmond, where it now resides, according to History.org
  3. Site of Patrick Henry’s Famous Speech: Patrick Henry uttered the immortal words, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death,” in Richmond, even though it was not the capital of Virginia at the time. It was a calculated decision to avoid antagonizing the British governing body that operated from the capital of Williamsburg.
  4. Named After a City in England: The city was founded by William Byrd II in 1704, and named after its sister city, Richmond in London. The UK version of Richmond is an affluent suburban town just southeast of London.
  5. Edgar Allen Poe Museum: The Edgar Allen Poe Museum was established in 1922 to honor the famed poet. Poe spent a significant amount of his time in Richmond and lived in several nearby buildings. The museum possesses many of his letters, manuscripts and personal belongings, according to History.org.

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